🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (2023)

🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (1)

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What is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler is a type of recreational vehicle featuring a “garage” in the back, and it typically features a large ramp-door for access. Most commonly, toy haulers are fifth wheels or travel trailers, meaning they’re towed; however, some motorhomes can be toy haulers as well. Although, most "RV experts" prefer toy hauler travel trailers over the other types of RVs. Since toy hauler travel trailers are towable, you can bring your vehicle with you, which allows you to disconnect your car or truck and run errands or do anything else without having to bring your RV everywhere with you!

Types of Toy Haulers

ATV Toy Hauler

There isn’t anything really anything different about an ATV toy hauler other than its size. All toy haulers are equipped with a garage to carry equipment, smaller vehicles, or anything else you could need!

ATV toy haulers are typically smaller than other types of these trailers, as they’re specifically for transporting ATVs.

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🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (2)

🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (3)

Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

A fifth wheel toy hauler is exactly what it sounds like! It’s just a toy hauler that attaches to a hitch, which gives it a “fifth wheel.”

These are very popular amongst those who often use their toy hauler because the fifth wheel gives you more towing stability, especially when pulling more weight.

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Luxe Toy Haulers

A “luxe” toy hauler is a more luxurious toy hauler. A luxe toy hauler will often boast premier features such as a full kitchen, a spacious living area, a large bedroom outfitted with a comfy bed and huge closets, and even a massive master bathroom, equipped with a full shower and storage space! They can sometimes even have bathtubs!

If you want to live the life of luxury and bring all of your “toys” with you, this is the best RV for you!

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Toy Hauler Features

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Toy Hauler Garage

The size of your garage is important, as it’s the whole reason for getting a toy hauler. The toy hauler garage size you need depends, of course, on the total size of the toys you intend to haul. Not only do you need to consider the dimensions of your toys and whether they fit in your garage, but their weight as well. Make sure the total weight of your gear doesn’t exceed the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) minus the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW), or dry weight. The standard width of a toy hauler is between 7.5–8 feet, and lengths between 10–14 feet, however they can be up to 20 feet long.

You can also utilize your garage space as a storage room or even as another living space! Many people convert it into another bedroom. Another trend is for people who work from home to convert their garage space into a traveling home office!

Toy Hauler Party Deck

This RV type can sometimes include the option to use the ramp as a deck or patio. This can add an extra forty or so square feet of deck space to your toy hauler floor plan, and it’s a great place to enjoy the view and some cool drinks after taking your toys out for a spin! It's a perfect feature if you're planning a fun road trip with friends!

Of course, you can always use this awesome deck to chill by yourself, watch the sunset, or hang out with your best friend!

🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (6)

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🏎️Toy Hauler Basics 🏍️| Blue Dog RV (7)

Toy Hauler Flooring

Since a toy hauler will be hosting your outdoor toys like four wheelers, ATVs, and others, you’ll need a floor that can hold up against the intense dirt and grime that you might track in on their wheels. That’s why we recommend a durable, weather-resistant flooring like vinyl rolls, PVC tiles, linoleum, or diamond plate.

Trust is when we say that upgrading the flooring in your toy hauler garage now can and will save you lots of time, maintenance, and money down the road!

Popular Toy Hauler Brands

Here at Blue Dog RV, we carry toy haulers from some of the, most prestigious brands out there.
Here are some of our favorite toy hauler brands that come highly recommended from our past clients who have trusted us and our expertise for years.

Toy Hauler FAQs

Can You Put a Car in a Toy Hauler?

It is possible to fit some smaller lightweight or compact cars in your toy Hauler but it will struggle when trying to fit medium sized vehicles. A perfect pairing for outdoor enthusiasts, a Toy Hauler alongside a smaller compact vehicle allows for drivers to be able to embark on any terrain they may find themselves treading.

How Much Weight Can a Toy Hauler Carry?

The weight capacity of a Toy Hauler RV varies depending on the model selected. Most trailer or fifth wheel Toy Haulers can carry anywhere between three to five thousand pounds, while smaller toy haulers such as minis and pop-ups can carry typically a little less than two thousand pounds. With that being said it is still entirely possible to carry just about anything in your Toy Hauler including: kayaks, canoes, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and even compact lightweight cars. If you want an extremely towable RV that can hold even more weight, we recommend investing in a 5th wheel toy hauler!

How Many ATVs Can Fit in a Toy Hauler?

A Toy Hauler equipped with a 14ft garage can fit up to two reasonably sized ATVs bumper to bumper. With wider Toy Haulers like the 8.5ft garage opening being able to fit two ATVs side by side. It is important to note that Toy Haulers vary in size so the amount will be different depending on your Toy Hauler’s size.


How to Extend my Toy Hauler?

It is entirely possible to extend the garage area on your Toy Hauler to create an additional living area, sleeping area, or even storage area through personal or professional modifications. You could even turn your garage space into a "home" office, another bedroom, or even a second living room. Although it is recommended that extensions are done by a professional to ensure the quality and safety of the Toy Hauler remains intact, especially if you're new to the RV life! If this is your first ever RV, we highly recommend you stick to the Toy Hauler basics and leave the bigger projects to professionals!


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